Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: The Jag, Bowie Jane discussion

Big Brother 25

Welcome to day 49 of Big Brother 25! Are we poised for some significant drama to transpire over the course of the day?

We should start with the state of the vote … or the lack of significant change with it, at least. Cameron is still poised to leave. There has not been any inkling of anything to the contrary and for a lot of the players in the game right now, this has been one of the more relaxing weeks that they’ve had all season. Cameron knows he’s likely a goner and while we do think he’ll campaign, it probably will not go anywhere.

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So with some houseguests being super-lethargic today, let’s get into more of what happened last night — namely, Jag continuing to work Bowie Jane into being more and more on his side. We don’t love the word “bullying” necessarily being thrown around in reality TV, mostly because it can lead to some people not taking it as seriously in the real world. The context here was talking about how Bowie and, to some extent, Jag was mistreated by Cirie and Izzy’s group. Tactically, this was a way to get Bowie to turn more on Cirie’s group, and they have been particularly unkind to Bowie Jane at times this season. If she doesn’t want to work on that, they’ve brought it on themselves.

Still, the important thing to remember is that this is the sort of discussion, right or wrong, that often tends to happen in the game as there is an even greater attempt to go at Cirie and Jared moving into the Double Eviction. Don’t be shocked if even more is said to turn the house against the two of them moving forward. Yesterday Felicia had all of her rants about the two and being left out of things — Cirie and Jared have made a lot of mistakes, and did at times get too confident.

Can they still get out of it? Well, Cirie could win the next HoH so anything is still possible.

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