Chicago Med season 9: Will the long break impact the story?

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As so many people out there more than likely know by now, Chicago Med season 9 will not be airing on NBC for a long time. The earliest that we would expect it back is in February at this point, largely because it does not seem that a deal between the WGA and the AMPTP to end the strike is imminent. After that, the networks and streaming services still have to make a deal with the actors of SAG-AFTRA, but there is a little more time to resolve that one.

So given that the original plan was to bring the medical drama back this month, there is a fair question to wonder here about the story. Is the long break going to impact in some way the way that certain stories are being told? We don’t think that this is necessarily some crazy question to think about.

When it comes to some other shows in the One Chicago world, we don’t necessarily think that they are going to be able to do big time jumps right away — mostly because of the cliffhangers that they had. With Chicago Med, meanwhile, we feel more confident that this is exactly what’s going to happen. The big ending in the season 8 finale was the departure of Will Halstead, and really we imagine that the show is going to use the break to do a big time jump and bring some more normalcy to the hospital.

Also, we do tend to think that this is going to allow them to figure out how they want to introduce a potential replacement for Nick Gehlfuss’ character. The could introduce a doctor who has already had the position for several months; or, they could bring in someone new.

Let’s just hope that the writers get a fair deal soon; with that, the creative team can start thinking this over!

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Do you think the long break until Chicago Med season 9 is going to impact the story in some way?

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