Stranger Things season 5 tease: ‘Something sweet’ ahead?

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You would think that on some level, it is far too soon to be saying something about Stranger Things season 5 — and it may very well be! After all, it is important to remember here that the new season is not premiering until we get around to at least 2025 and potentially longer. Go ahead and consider this a function of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, otherwise known as the writers not giving anyone a fair deal.

So now that we’ve spelled all of this out, let’s go ahead and raise the following question: What in the world is the Netflix show doing on social media? It’s a fair question, and the latest teaser raises even more question marks.

If you head over to the link here now, you can see what looks to be a pretty darn devastated ice-cream parlor — in the replies to the original post, the show’s official account claimed that there could be “something sweet is coming.”

So is this a sign that there could be some other big announcement about the final season? It’s possible, but it may also end up being an off-shoot or something else tied to the franchise, which is going to feel more and more like an empire over time. Also, we must continue to entertain the possibility that we are talking here about some sort of cryptic tease that is designed to be that and honestly, not a whole lot more.

The most important thing right now

It’s not that complicated: We just need to see filming start up in earnest! Once we get to that point, then we can start to think a little bit more about when the show can actually come back, let alone what will happen with Eleven or any other character.

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What do you think we are seeing when it comes to hype for Stranger Things season 5?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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