Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Jag, Cory, and bad decisions?

Big Brother 25

We knew that the Big Brother 25 live feeds today had the potential to bring about both drama and disappointment. With that, we have to have a talk here about what’s going on with JAg and Cory within the game.

So where should we start off here? Well, it is worth noting first and foremost that last night, America downloaded a bunch of information into Jag’s head, including that he cannot trust Blue (his perceived #1 ally) because she spreads information around. She’s also done her best in order to say indicate to Jag that Jared is not someone she can trust.

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As for what Jag does with this information … well, he goes to Jared today and tells him that America doesn’t trust him. He also throws her under the bus for other parts of the conversation. Jag’s repeated belief that the Seven Deadly Things is still a thing is baffling; at the very least, he should know that they value Blue more than him because they tried to evict him! Jag is one of the nicest people within the game, but he is also completely baffling to watch. America has not been a perfect player by and means and she’s been off on some stuff, including that Matt can be swayed; however, she’s told Jag so much correct information that he just willfully ignores.

Now, here’s another important note from today: Cameron’s attempts to solidify an alliance with Cory, Cameron, America, Matt, Bowie, and Jag. It does seem like he, of all people, actually listened to America warning him about Jared more than Jag ever did. This would actually be a really smart alliance in that you’d effectively have three pairs: Cory / America, Cameron / Bowie, and Jag / Matt. No one individually would have too much power, and these people should all at least understand that Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, and Bowie are together — even if they have questions about Jared and Blue.

So what happens instead? Cory listens to a lot of what Cameron says, and then goes and tells Cirie and Izzy about a lot of it. Why would Cory do this?! Well, it makes a tiny bit more sense than what we saw with Jag. He realizes that Jag can’t be trusted and ultimately, Matt is pretty loyal to Cirie already. This isn’t a group that is going to last. We don’t think Cirie’s side of the house would keep him around forever, and we also don’t think he would ride with them until the end; he just doesn’t want to be their first target, and this helps to ensure this wouldn’t happen.

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