Frasier revival spoilers: How will it honor John Mahoney?

Frasier revival, season 1

We know that the Frasier revival on Paramount+ next month is one of the most-anticipated shows of the fall — and yet, there are still some questions. Take, for example, how the series is going to honor the late John Mahoney, who played the role of Frasier Crane’s father in the previous show.

Now, it goes without saying, but the producers had a plan — and it exists in a number of different forms. According to Entertainment Weekly, the neighborhood bar that Frasier will visit in Boston on the new show is fittingly titled Mahoney’s. Also, there will be a lengthy, emotional scene that deals with the character’s absence, according to iconic director James Burrows.

One other thing that the new Frasier is looking to do here is try to mirror the Frasier – Martin relationship with the title character and his own son Freddy, who is a grown adult in the new show. Here is what Burrows had to say on that to the aforementioned publication:

“There’s a lot of Martin in Freddy … [co-creators Joe Cristalli and Chris Harris] specifically wanted Frasier to deal with his son… because the relationship with Kelsey and Mahoney was wonderful. So they tried to tap into that, and I think they succeeded.”

Now, we do hope that there are some heartfelt moments in here, but also plenty of comedy. Revivals are a notoriously hard thing to do for many reasons, with one of the biggest being trying to balance out both the past and the present all at once. That is not easy, but you have to try to modernize a show even if you are simultaneously throwing a lot of nostalgia in there wherever you can. The good vibes of the original may convince people to watch the premiere, but you want to keep people after the fact.

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