1923 season 2 filming: Is it still happening this year?

1923 season 1

If you are excited to check out 1923 season 2 on Paramount+ down the road, you are most likely aware of the current situation. There are more episodes coming, and absolutely they are going to get made. This season will be the final one of the prequel, and the season 1 finale contained some big reveals that this show is going to need to pay off at some point.

With all of this said, there is no clear timetable on filming for one pretty simple reason: The WGA and SAG-AFTRA remain on strike. Taylor Sheridan cannot work on scripts during this period, and Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and the rest of the cast cannot film. Originally, there was a plan for everyone to start back this summer, but that has been pushed back.

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So is there still any chance at all that you could see filming this calendar year? The simple answer here is yes, but it is not going to happen right away. There are currently some negotiations set up between the WGA and the AMPTP, the collective body representing streaming services and studios, and we hope to hear more about those next week. It could take time for an agreement to be struck, and there is no guarantee that it will; yet, if a deal is made by the middle of next month and SAG-AFTRA comes to an agreement on terms soom after, there is at least a chance that the cast can get back at it in Montana close to the end of the year.

Is that a guarantee? Hardly, and mostly because shooting a show like this in the colder months is not easy, but we did at least see some of that at the end of season 1.

When the dust settles, the top priority is simply that all actors and writers get paid what they deserve. We do think season 2 will most likely stream next year; it is really just a matter of when, and that may take some time to be figured out.

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When do you think we are actually going to see 1923 season 2 actually start filming?

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