Tough as Nails season 5 finale: Who won? The final gauntlet

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Who won Tough as Nails season 5? Entering the finale, we do think that there was a lot of interesting debates to be had with Todd, Jessica, Kenji, and Ben.

On paper, you could go into the four showdown and then the gauntlet with the assumption that Ben had this in the bag. He was, after all, the strongest overall contestant and he had the most money. However, we’ve seen on Phil Keoghan’s other show The Amazing Race that sometimes, contestants who are great all season don’t end up making it to the finale. A mistake at any given moment can doom you. We also know that this show is about so much more than just physical strength.

We should start off here with who even made it to the final three, a.k.a. the gauntlet, in the first place. It came down to an electrical challenge with Kenji and Jessica at the center of it, and it was Kenji who made it through! This meant that we actually had a trio of Dirty Hands members competing for the title, while Savage Crew was stuck on the sidelines.

No matter the winner, let’s just be grateful that a show like this exists for people who we don’t often see compete in this sort of televised environment.

So what happened in the Gauntlet?

We will say this: On some level, this was actually a pretty intense showdown. Ben and Todd were legitimately neck and neck for a good chunk of the challenge! (Kenji, meanwhile, fell out of it pretty early on.)

Is it a shock that Ben won? Hardly, and we may say that he is one of the most dominant champions in the history of the show. We’re happy for him, and we’re at least glad that there was some legitimate competition at the end of the day here. How could we ask for anything more?

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What do you think about the overall events of the Tough as Nails season 5 finale?

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