The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 finale: Any cliffhanger?

The Walking Dead: Dead City

The season 1 finale of The Walking Dead: Dead City on AMC+ has come and gone, so what have we learned?

Well, first and foremost, we do tend to think that the writers want to do more of this show after the strike is over! The closing minutes absolutely set the stage for an interesting premise for a season 2, one where we end up seeing Maggie have to save Negan — whether it be from the Dama or from himself.


You see, it turns out that what the Croat and the Dama wanted from Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character all along is to turn him into a de-facto leader for New York City and to become the old version of himself. They think he can be a uniting force and help to gain control of the entire city. Is this something he really wants? Hardly, but he may not have a choice given that Hershel, even after his rescue, could still be used as bait. If there is anything we know about Negan, it is that he operates within some sort of central code … and one of his key tenets is that under no circumstances will he ever hurt children. That’s not something he would stand for.

How Maggie now factors in

She has realized that on some level, she can never let go of the need for vengeance. However, she’s also let it consume her to the point where she is not even present for her son Hershel. With that, the end of season 1 brought us a pretty pivotal moment between these two, and Maggie may now realize that there is another way for her to move forward. Will rescuing Negan from this situation end up being a way to get closure?

Let’s just say that, at least for now, there are certainly reasons to think about this as we get into a long break…

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