Wednesday season 2: Jenna Ortega on producer credit


For those who did not know the news previously, Jenna Ortega will be more involved moving into Wednesday season 2 — this time as a producer. She is already the face of the show, but she now has a better opportunity to contribute input on various scenes and work with the overall direction of the arc.

One thing well worth noting at this point is that it is hardly unusual for a performer to also be a producer on their show. It is a little more rare for someone of Ortega’s age, but then you remember 1) the amount of time she has actually been working and 2) the overall success of the Netflix series. It is one of their biggest first-year shows ever! We don’t expect filming to begin until closer to the end of the season, but she seems eager to take on that extra hat.

For more insight on what she’s thinking about right now, check out what she had to say in a Hollywood Reporter roundtable interview:

I feel really, really fortunate to be coming on as a producer this time around … [Any] of the best teams or environments that I’ve been on on set have been people who are very collaborative and wanted to hear different opinions because it’s very easy for people to get caught up in their own. I think a project is best when there’s as many voices and ideas thrown out as possible. And I’ve had experiences in TV where I felt my voice wasn’t heard, that I was meant to be a puppet. I’ve been told on sets, “You wouldn’t know because you’re not a writer,” or, “Just shut up and do your job.” From 12 years old, I’ve been hearing things like that. So, I went into Wednesday with hesitance. But I was fortunate to be working with someone like Tim Burton, who pulled me in his trailer one day and said that he wanted to be a soundboard for my voice. So, every day, me, him, the writers, we’d get together in the morning and go through sides. But also being younger, being a woman, being of smaller stature …

Because of how long we’re set to wait until season 2 films, let alone premieres (the earliest we would expect it is fall 2024, depending on the length of the writers’ strike), it is hard to say anything about what Wednesday Addams’ future will look like. However, we have heard Jenna say in the past that she wants the show to be darker — and we anticipate it going in that direction.

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