Silo season 1 episode 6: Who is the Man Who Knows Everything?

Silo season 1

While Silo season 1 episode 6 gave us some more information on a number of different subjects, it also raised new questions. Take, for example, this: Who is the Man Who Knows Everything?

This mystery figure was introduced in some ways close to the end of the episode, where we saw a contentious conversation between Juliette and Regina. In this, the latter admitted that she has been watched by the aforementioned Man, and that she sold out a number of different relic dealers in order to ensure her mother did not suffer a terrible fate. This is clearly someone who holds a lot of power, and could end up putting a lot of people in danger down the road — including Juliette.

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As we move forward, we tend to think that this Man could end up playing a big role — especially since Juliette learned so much over the course of the hour. After all, Regina traded the hard drive to George in return for an extremely rare relic, something that was in his family for generations. It was effectively a children’s travel book, and yet, it was something that could end up getting her killed.

Just in case you needed a reminder that this show can be all sorts of twisted and/or awesome, this whole storyline proved it. We got a chance for Juliette to know a slice of the truth and yet, at the same time she also put herself in so much more danger. There’s a good chance that she could receive a visit from a certain someone moving forward, no? Just think about the end of the episode, where we saw those people in front of the TVs!

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