Why did Juliette Lewis leave Yellowjackets after season 2 finale?

Yellowjackets season 2

Why did Juliette Lewis leave Yellowjackets following the events of the season 2 finale? If you have these questions, let’s just say that we 100% understand. It was a surprise not just seeing it transpire, but also this show losing one of its biggest cast members so soon.

So what went into this moment? Well, if nothing else, it does feel like this was planned out on some level — the show has a really big cast, for starters, and it made sense that we lose someone to keep the stakes high. It also had to be a pretty sizable name when the dust actually settled.

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Here is what we can tell you — going into the finale, a number of people did not know for sure what was going to happen. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Sophie Thatcher (who plays the younger Natalie) made it clear that she did not know in advance what was going to happen:

No. I don’t think anybody did, of the younger cast. There was a sense with Juliette [Lewis] that she might be going; there was some talk. When we were doing the eighth episode, we did this New York Times interview together and she was finally like, “Yeah, I’m moving on. I’m going on.” She told me then. I had heard, I think, through some rumors. And then we finally got the script, and did the table read. And, it was really depressing!

Just from this interview alone, it does feel like Lewis may have had some input in the decision to depart the show — or if not that, she was well-aware that this was coming a long time in advance. She’s an iconic-enough performer that she’ll have no trouble moving onto the next thing, but absolutely this cast and crew is going to miss her. The Yellowjackets cast has become such a close unit over the past couple of years!

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