Yellowjackets season 2 episode 9 (finale): The cabin burns!

Yellowjackets season 2Just in case there was not enough content on Yellowjackets season 2 episode 9, just consider what we got in the closing minutes! We knew this finale would be crazy and yet, we didn’t expect the cabin to completely burn to the ground in the past.

Nonetheless, this is exactly what happened following an eventful episode, one that featured the Yellowjackets having Javi for dinner and then also appointing Natalie the de-facto leader. This may mean that she is the Antler Queen, but we can’t 100% say that this is a sure thing as of right now.

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What does seem clear is that with this cabin gone, the team is now more screwed than it has ever been before. There are only a couple of silver linings at the moment, whether it be 1) the fact that winter should be coming to an end pretty soon or 2) there is that cave that Ben discovered back in episode 8. There is somewhere else that they can go, but nothing is going to be anywhere near as assured as it would have otherwise been. It’s another way that the writers are laying the foundation for some more crazy stuff to happen.

For the time being, we’d also go ahead and say this at the moment: It is going to be a really long wait until we get around to season 3. There is no real timeline as to when the show will be back. Everyone in the past will be dealing with this; meanwhile, everyone in in the present has to cope with the sudden and shocking revelation that Natalie is dead. It wasn’t purposeful, but that seems to be the way that many characters in this world go. Just think about Crystal — or, about Javi.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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