Yellowjackets season 3 premiere date hopes over at Showtime

Yellowjackets season 2As we dive into the season 2 finale tonight on Showtime, why not discuss a Yellowjackets season 3 premiere date? There is, after all, so much to get into!

First and foremost here, let’s give you a very quick reminder that there is a third season coming! This has been out there for a really long time now, and understandably so. For starters, this is probably the biggest original hit that the premium-cable network currently has. Also, we have heard from the producers already that there is a five-season plan. We don’t really foresee them wanting to divert away from that unless something big changes behind the scenes.

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As for when a season 3 could premiere, let’s just say that this is where things start to get just a little bit more complicated, and for a few different reasons. First and foremost, remember the fact that the writers’ strike is currently ongoing. The writers’ room opened for season 3 literally right before the start of the strike, so there hasn’t been a ton of opportunity for everyone to get scripts together.

At the moment, we tend to think that the third season could be coming at some point in 2024, but it is going to be a matter of when filming is able to begin. The most important thing right now is that the writers get paid everything that they deserve. Without them, we wouldn’t have a great show like this! This show is so complex and it requires a ton of attention to detail.

What can you expect to see moving forward?

Let’s just say that things are only going to get so much darker the rest of the way. We expect intensity, dark moments, and of course plenty of surprises.

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What are you most excited about when it comes to Yellowjackets season 3, and when will you see it?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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