Silo season 1 episode 6 spoilers: A look at ‘The Relic’

Silo season 1Next week on Apple TV+ you’re going to have a chance to see Silo season 1 episode 6 arrive — so what can we say about it?

First and foremost, it’s worth noting here that the title is “The Relic,” and on some level that should be a clue in itself for what’s ahead. We’re going to have a chance within this story to dive a little bit further into the past … but what will actually mean? Will this be used in order to better influence the future? Well, for nothing else, let’s just go ahead and say that not everyone may be exactly who you previously thought they were.

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To give you a few more specifics on what we’re talking about here, go ahead and check out the full Silo season 1 episode 6 synopsis below:

During her investigation, Juliette discovers disturbing secrets about someone she thought she knew.

How will this impact the character psychologically? At the moment, let’s just say that we’re super-curious to learn a little bit more about that! Just remember for a moment here that Rebecca Ferguson’s character is still somewhat-new to her role as Sheriff, and we tend to think that she’s more used to being in a world that is a little bit more black and white. There are far more gray areas to be explored in her current profession, and we do tend to think that there are a lot of different challenges that are going to come along with that.

What answers will we get this season?

We hope that there will be chances to learn a little bit more about Alliston and Holston but, in general, a part of what makes this show so great is the great unknown. We are very much like the characters in the Silo, looking outside and wondering what could be out there…

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What do you most want to see moving into Silo season 1 episode 6 on Apple TV+ next week?

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