Power Book II: Ghost season 3 finale: Any Tariq, Tommy healing?

Power Book II: Ghost season 3As we get ourselves prepared for the Power Book II: Ghost season 3 finale on Starz in just over 24 hours, why not talk Tariq and Tommy more? Seeing the return of Joseph Sikora to this show was a wonderful surprise, and we also think that it was a great way to set the stage for Power Book IV: Force when it returns on September 1.

We know from the promo already that Sikora will be back for the Ghost finale, and of course, this leads to a number of other questions. Take, for example, whether or not we will actually see these characters find some peace. We know that Tommy doesn’t want to kill Tariq … but will he kill Tasha? How much death and destruction could we see here in general?

Well, speaking to TV Fanatic, Joseph himself made it clear that death may not be the only option here. Despite everything that’s happened, there is still a chance for a little bit of healing:

Well, there is the old cliche, and I guess it’s more of an adage than a cliche, and that is that time heals all wounds. I think that if everybody can stay alive long enough, which of course, there’s no guarantee on, I think that there is a balm in time, B-A-L-M, and I think that there is healing power.

… So time is an important factor in the show, and there is room for Tommy, Tasha, and Tariq to all be there. And probably with Tariq possibly leading the way, possibly saving Tommy.

We don’t necessarily think that Tariq and “Uncle Tommy” will ever necessarily be the best of friends, but one thing that they may remind themselves of coming up is pretty simple: These characters keep losing those they care about. Tommy just lost Liliana, one of the few people he could trust. Meanwhile, Tariq has been separated from his blood family for so long. We continue this feud when they could all move on? Of course, this is all SO much easier said than done.

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What do you think we are going to see for Tariq and Tommy during the Power Book II: Ghost season 3 finale?

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