Succession season 4 episode 10 (finale) spoilers: Kendall’s future

Succession season 4We know that Succession season 4 episode 10 is going to be the series finale and, of course, it is going to be emotional. How can it not? It also seems as though there is a certain trajectory that Kendall Roy is on at this point that cannot be ignored.

From what we know about the show at the moment, here’s what we can say — Kendall may end up in charge at the end of all of this, but he may also end up alone. He’s losing a lot of people close to him, and what little morality he had is falling by the wayside.

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So what does Jeremy Strong have to say at present about the story to come? Speaking on the show’s official podcast via The Hollywood Reporter, here is what the actor had to say:

“Starting from the end of episode six, really, I think he can see the endgame. A lot of things happen in the ninth episode. Him feeling blamed for the election and his culpability in making this kind of Faustian bargain, really, he’s compromised himself utterly, and he knows it. I think he’s in turmoil. The real moral jeopardy that we see in the previous episode.

… But [his ex-wife] Rava [Natalie Gold] calling him on that and taking the kids out of the city, and then Jess also defecting. In a way, his assistant Jess, I mean she’s such a fantastic character and Juliana Canfield is a brilliant actor, and I love that they gave her this great scene. But she is in a sense one of the only people that Kendall has left. Everyone else is gone. Shiv has a relationship with Tom; other characters we see in relationship with people. And Jess is sort of the one place that Kendall feels safe, so for it to come from there is a real mortal wound for Kendall. He keeps pressing on, but he’s really, I think, unseated by that a bit, which only sharpens his need to get what he wants. So I think he’s just doubling down.”

So will Kendall turn fully on the dark side, and be the “killer” that his father claimed he couldn’t be? That’s a fascinating question to ponder, but one without clarity. We do not know if he fully has the skill, and he also still has some skeletons. Take, for example, what happened at the end of season 1. We do still have our concerns that this will come back at some point in the future.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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