Fire Country season 2: Will Bode get released from prison?

Fire Country season 1As we now embark on the incredibly long wait leading into Fire Country season 2, why not dive head-first into a Bode discussion?

After all, we know that when the dust settles, there is one thing that more people want to know than any other: What’s going to happen with Max Thieriot’s character. In the season 1 finale, he opted to make a huge sacrifice, lying about his drug test in order to ensure that Freddy was able to be released. This is a selfless act that serves as a further reminder of who Bode is, but it does also come with its fair share of consequences.

Take, for example, it’s currently unclear how long he will remain in prison, and there is no set timetable that we’re looking at. For the first part of season 2, we wouldn’t be shocked if he feels pretty hopeless and alienated from everyone.

If there is still a reason to hope for his future, though, it comes from the outside. Maybe Freddy will figure out what he did; or, maybe Gabriela will dig until she figures out some things on her own. If someone can really prove that Sleeper or someone close to him ruined Bode’s drug test, then everything starts to change a little bit. There is a chance he spends most of season 2 still behind bars, but we do tend to think that at some point, he will find his way out.

After all, consider all of the different stories that could be told with this character out in the world again! Of course, you should especially wonder about that more after learning what we did from Cara in the finale — Bode may also be a father! It is another big layer to throw in here.

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Is there anything that you think is going to happen to Bode moving into Fire Country season 2?

Do you think that he will get out at some point? Be sure to share right now in the comments! After you do just that, stay tuned here for more great updates you don’t want to miss.

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