Reacher season 2: How will it air on Prime Video?

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We know that we’ve spent a good bit of time already discussing when Reacher season 2 could arrive on Prime Video, and there is still some mystery there.

What would we like to see when it comes to a specific air date there? It is not that hard to imagine the show coming back this fall, but beyond that, the streamer has a lot to figure out. Then, there is also the main subject of this article, and it is how the Alan Ritchson story is going to bring us its latest chapter.

If you were to ask us this question a good six months ago, it would have been a little bit easier to just assume that new episodes were going to arrive all at once, especially with this show being somewhat cinematic in nature. Sure, Prime Video dabbles with weekly releases for some things, but it is not always needed.

Everything changed a few weeks ago, though, with the writers’ strike. Now, the Amazon company has to wrestle with a future where unless they and the other networks /corporations resolve things (which they really should — pay the writers!), there will be less scripted programming in the bank. They have to stretch things out more. This is one of the reasons why it would not be a remote surprise here to see the bulk of Reacher season 2 put out weekly. They are towing the line somewhat with Jack Ryan season 4, which is going to air in batches of two this summer.

No matter how they choose to release Reacher, they are going to get viewership. That part isn’t a question. What may be, though, is what they think is best for their long-term viability. Do we think that executives are already thinking about this? Absolutely, but there is a chance we may not have an answer for a little while. Go ahead and prepare accordingly.

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