Magnum PI season 6 renewal hopes: What’s next for NBC?

Magnum PI season 5As some of you may be aware as of this point, there are more reasons than ever to be hopeful about a Magnum PI season 6 over at NBC. Nothing may be confirmed, but let’s just say there is more of an incentive to cross your fingers.

Here’s a quick refresher: There are some new listings on Production Weekly that indicate that the next season of the show could be in the planning stages. Of course, know that this is all tentative and not confirmed. While this listing is a good indicator that it will be, we don’t like to count our metaphorical chickens before they hatch. This is a really uncertain time in the TV world and anything can change.

So what can you expect next when it comes to this show? We’ve noted before, but a formal renewal will probably be announced by the end of June if it is coming back. That is pretty essential for ensuring that you keep the cast around, as opposed to having to sign them to different deals after the fact. That process can be a little bit complicated, but anything is still possible.

If the production for season 6 is already being planned, then at this point a renewal may be all about negotiations, timing, and making sure the financials work.

With all of this said…

Even if we do get some sort of formal news on a renewal over the next little while, you do need to exercise a certain amount of patience here. After all, remember that the writers’ strike is still ongoing, so it may take a good bit of time for everything to come together behind the scenes.

Then again, if the strike does end over the next month (we’re pulling for the writers here!), there could be a chance for production to start again in September, as it did with season 5.

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