Succession season 4 episode 9 spoilers: Jess’ big role ahead

Succession season 4In just a couple of days you will see Succession season 4 episode 9 on HBO, and we probably don’t have to say that this story is huge. Seismic, even. It is the penultimate one of the season! Whatever happens over the course of it is going to carry over directly to the end of the series, and there could be some big developments that take place beyond just Logan Roy’s funeral.

While we know that Kendall, Roman, and Shiv are going to be in the spotlight for most of the episode, the smaller characters could be equally important. That includes Jess, Kendall’s assistant and someone who had a pretty fascinating scene with Greg in episode 8. While they wouldn’t be able to fully reverse Kendall’s decision to side with Roman and Mencken, they could have delayed the process in some way. Jess probably would’ve been game for it; yet, Greg went and relayed the message.

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So after what happened with Mencken, where is the story going to go from here? Speaking to Vulture, here is what Juliana Canfield (who plays Jess) had to say about the role ahead:

It puts her in a tricky situation. Kendall is not the warmest, fuzziest boss. He doesn’t express or articulate much care about who she is as a person. He very clearly relies on her, appreciates her, and values certain things about her. But it doesn’t occur to him what this election might mean for Jess personally.

There was a scene that was supposed to be earlier in the season that got cut. Jess was having a birthday party on the weekend, and he called her at one in the morning and she’s sitting with all of her friends in Brooklyn. He’s like, “Jess, get to the office right now.” That was supposed to illustrate his disregard for who she is when she’s not at the office.

Even without that scene being present, this sentiment is still clear … and we do wonder if this Mencken situation is a breaking point for this dynamic. Kendall probably wouldn’t get a lot done without Jess, so what would happen were he to use her?

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