Brent Antonello leaving Law & Order: Organized Crime, Jamie dies

Law & Order: Organized Crime season 3Is Brent Antonello leaving Law & Order: Organized Crime following the events of last night’s episode? If you watched the finale, you already know — and the news is very much far from good.

Over the course of the crossover event, we saw Brent’s character of Detective Jamie Whelan shot; later on, he coded in the hospital and passed away. This is the sort of death that is going to be hard to digest, and it did in some ways serve as an impetus for Stabler bringing that compass to Benson in the closing minutes. If any TV character understands the fragility of life at this point, it has to be Elliot with everything that he has gone through.

So will Law & Order: Organized Crime make some sort of concentrated effort to replace the Jamie character moving forward? That is where things do get a little bit interesting, and also complicated to explain for a few different reasons. The show is not coming back to midseason, and we are also going to see only a 13-episode arc. It is possible that the producers just roll with Christopher Meloni and a smaller group as a cost-cutting measure, and they may not feel the need to add anyone else.

Still, it’s hard to lose a character her in Jamie who felt like he had a lot more to give to this particular unit — we hope that this is also a death that does hold some sort of long-term value to the series overall. One of the things that crime procedurals tend to struggle with in general is introducing an important character, getting rid of them, and then acknowledging their existence several months after the fact. They are still important to everyone who watches!

In the end, we suppose that we will just have to see what NBC decides.

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Are you going to miss Jamie as a part of Law & Order: Organized Crime overall?

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