Is Kim Raver leaving Grey’s Anatomy? Is Teddy Altman dead?

Grey's Anatomy season 19

Is Kim Raver leaving Grey’s Anatomy following the big season 19 finale? We don’t think you can be surprised that we got a cliffhanger — how could you be? This is what this show excels at, so of course we were left waiting to see if Teddy Altman makes it to the start of next season.

Or … are we? This is where a knowledge of the trade publications can come at somewhat of a disadvantange.

Here is what we can tell you right now: Raver is not going anywhere. It was reported earlier tonight that she signed a deal alongside many other longtime cast members (including Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr.) to come back for another season. This news was bound to get out at some point, but tonight? That part of the equation is a little bit of a surprise.

So clearly, Teddy is not going to die despite the position that she was in tonight. This capped off a pretty jam-packed finale that absolutely had a lot of content elsewhere. We had the return of Meredith and Maggie, a lot of cross-country travel, and of course some medical emergencies. This was about as packed an installment of this show as you’re going to see a good chunk of the time.

As for where all of it got us in the end, that’s pretty simple: To a point where we wonder now how this is not going to be the end of Teddy. Given that she survives this cliffhanger, the question then becomes how that happens, and also where the story for her and Owen goes from here. We don’t think it’s some sort of shock to say that the two have had a tumultuous season, mostly because you can make that argument about almost every relationship out there.

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