Is Matt Lauria leaving CSI: Vegas? Is Josh Folsom arrested?

CSI: Vegas season 2

Is Matt Lauria leaving CSI: Vegas following the events of the season 2 finale? What exactly happened when it comes to Josh Folsom?

Well, let’s just say that this hour gave us one of the biggest jaw-droppers in the history of this version of the show. After all, Josh went rogue in his attempts to get justice — to the point where he may have done something terrible himself.

In the closing minutes of the episode, Maxine and the team arrived to find Folsom, and then ushered them to come with them. They told him not to say anything, and his response was simple “I found the person who did it.” He finally is able to feel a sense of closure over his family, but at what cost?

Well, here is where things get a little bit fascinating: We never actually saw Folsom do the killing, but the body was disposed of in a dumpster. Could there be something more than what we know?

Of course, the absolutely hardest part of this cliffhanger right now is knowing just how long we’ll be stuck waiting to get to the other side of it. After all, the show is not on the CBS fall schedule! Does that mean more time to speculate? Well, that’s at least one way to look at it…

Well, for the time being…

We at least know that there is no concrete evidence that Lauria is leaving the show. For now, this may just be the sort of cliffhanger designed to keep you watching moving forward! This is a very different sort of cliffhanger than what we had at the end of season 1, but a pretty notable cliffhanger nonetheless.

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What did you think about the major events over the course of the CSI: Vegas season 2 finale, let alone the Folsom cliffhanger?

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