NCIS: Hawaii season 2 episode 21: Is Charlie 1 dead?

NCIS: Hawaii season 2We knew entering the NCIS: Hawaii season finale event that there were some characters who could die — was Charlie 1 among them?

Well, we don’t think that we can beat around the bush on this one — close to the end of this episode tonight, we saw the character seemingly killed. This could be it for Linc Hand on the show, which is rather a bummer given that he was one of the better recurring characters in the mix. He brought a lot to the table! Why would you write a guy like that out at this point?

Sometimes, these are the sort of things that just happen … and it’s also worth noting that there was a lot of danger all across the board in this episode in the first place. Jane’s past came back to bite her, and that included someone who was previously presumed gone: Creel.

How in the world is Creel still alive after what happened in Cyprus? That’s another big question that will need to be answered, even if we tend to think the writers are understandably going to be focused more on the present than anything else within this episode. That mostly makes sense because there is so much story that the writers probably want to explore from start to finish here. Also, there’s a lot that they need to explore now to resolve all of this.

We have to presume that Charlie 1 is gone … with that, it’s going to be up to Tennant’s team in order to do what they can to save her. We know that they would put their lives on the line if push came to shove; is this going to be the time that we see that play out? It certainly feels that way, perhaps now more so than ever.

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