Silo season 1 episode 4 spoilers: After the murder…

Silo season 1When Silo season 1 episode 4 arrives on Apple TV+ later this week, we don’t think it will waste much time dealing with the aftermath of its latest death. How can it not?

If you need a quick refresher for what happened, we can keep it relatively simple: At the end of this past installment, we saw Mayor Jahns get killed off in shocking fashion. What happened to her? Let’s just say that this is an unavoidable subject for the show to broach — and the same goes for its new Sheriff in Juliette.

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There is a pretty interesting situation at the center of the story now. Whoever killed Jahns may have done so because of Juliette getting the job and now, she has to sniff some of that out — that is, if someone doesn’t try to replace her! This could be at work at the same exact time as the investigation is underway.

Of course, if someone does try to replace Juliette in her position, you can then argue that this is only going to make her more eager to try and get some answers as to what’s going on here. Why wouldn’t it? She may not be a Sheriff by trade, but she knows there is more going on within the silo than anyone is willing to admit.

At the moment, we do tend to think that we will start to get at least some answers over the course of this episode — even if we don’t get all of them. Odds are, the producers will make us wait for at least a few of the big reveals. We hope to find out more along the way about more of the society, how they function, and some more minor mysteries that can be resolved sooner rather than later.

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