Silo season 1 spoilers: Is Allison really dead?

Silo season 1As we look towards the remainder of Silo season 1, why not just tackle one of the show’s biggest questions in Allison’s fate?

One of the things that the Apple TV+ series has already done a remarkable job of over the course of just a few episodes is play around a lot with time and perspective. Allison’s death was years before where things are at present, and we saw the character demand to leave before being escorted out, where she roamed around in the suit, cleaned the window, and then eventually dropped to the ground and died.

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Now, with that being said, is she really dead? We have a hard time buying that as a certainty. While we realize that the residents of this Silo may not have a firm grasp on certain technologies, we wouldn’t be shocked if at some point in the structure’s lifespan, a number of generated videos were shot that were meant to simulate life on the outside. The sky and the atmosphere certainly look different than what has been projected — isn’t it possible that the livelihood of Allison and, later, Holston could be as well?

Remember, because of their massive white suits, almost anyone could be under those masks. If someone really wanted to create the impression that people will die on the outside, that is the chance to see it.

Our personal theory

We will see Allison again this season, even if she is not alive. It would make sense, at the very least, to give us a flashback at some point to a few of the things that she learned — and also, some of the things that Holston learned. Juliette could learn these herself, but it feels like we are going to be following her journey a bit more closely … and are pretty stoked to see that play out.

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Do you think that we are going to see Allison again at some point on Silo season 1?

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