Magnum PI season 6 renewal: How soon could we know?

Magnum PI season 5In the wake of the latest scheduling news regarding Magnum PI season 5, we know that leaves a lot of people curious about season 6. So how soon could we get some other news about the future? Obviously, we want it sooner rather than later … but what is the reality here?

Well, let’s go ahead and explain why we may not be waiting until 2024, when the show comes back to NBC (at least for now), to learn more about what’s next.

If you remember last year, one of the reasons why there was a specific timeline on a network saving the show was because cast contracts have an expiration date. In 2022, it was June 30 and negotiations went down to the last minute. We don’t want to speculate too much on behind-the-scenes matters, but it would be fair to assume a somewhat similar timeline here unless there is a deal to extend everyone’s contracts without news. Eventually, actors have to be able to find work if the show is not greenlit for more; hence, there being a particular deadline for their options to be picked up. The writers’ strike could always play a role in various extensions, but contracts were drawn up long before that kicked off with the WGA earlier this month.

What we are getting at ultimately is that within a couple of months, we will likely hear something more about another season — or, at the very least, we will learn if the cast is suddenly open up to pursue other things. If the contracts for the cast do expire, they can always still come back, but would have to sign new deals in order to do so.

The benefit for NBC to bring back Magnum PI  is pretty simple: It performs really well on Sunday nights and in all honesty, not a lot of their shows have over the years. A renewal could guarantee them episodes well into 2025, at least depending on how they are scheduled. It is unusual for shows to film that far in advance, but it does happen here and there.

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Do you think we are going to learn about a Magnum PI season 6 over the next couple of months?

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