Blue Bloods season 13 episode 20: Are Baez & her baby okay?

Blue Bloods season 13We knew entering Blue Bloods season 13 episode 20 that there was a big reason to be concerned for Maria Baez. After all, her story was about to get emotional, difficult, and even threatening at times!

So what were we looking at? Well, we knew at the center of this story would be a criminal from Maria’s past who 1) got out of prison and then 2) was ready to get revenge on her however they could. That included tracking down her, and then endangering both her and her baby girl. Now, we knew entering the episode that Marisa Ramirez’s character would not be leaving the show, as she was in some photos in advance for the upcoming finale. Yet, this didn’t exactly extinguish our concerns for long-lasting consequences! This is the sort of case that sticks with someone, and of course you have to wonder about long-term consequences after seeing something like this play out.

There were a couple of things going for Baez throughout the episode. For starters, we know that she is fantastic at her job. Then, you also add to this the fact that she has Danny at her side. If you want someone to be there through thick and then, who better than him?

Rest assured, this is precisely what we got over the course of this hour. While this situation pushed Maria to the edge, Danny was there to make sure she didn’t cross a line she could not un-cross. Also, Danny certainly said Baez’s first name more in one episode that we can remember. We tend to think that this is pretty darn interesting, no?

So in the end, both Baez and her adopted child are going to be okay, and she and her partner are a little bit closer after the fact.

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