Big Brother 25 schedule: Could it carry over into the fall?

Big Brother 24Is there a chance that Big Brother 25 is going to air on CBS until we get around to October, or some other point in the fall?

Well, let’s start things off here by noting that we understand any and all reasons for the questions at the moment. Just think about it for a moment here. A writers’ strike is currently ongoing, and it is conventional wisdom to think that the network could need some counter-programming depending on how long that it lasts. The big question is just whether we are looking at a weeks-long strike, or something that could eventually go on for several months. Both possibilities are still in play.

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When it comes to Big Brother 25, here is what we can at least say for the time being: CBS isn’t planning anything extreme. They have already revealed the fall schedule and the longtime staple is not a part of it. Odds are, we are looking at a schedule that is fairly similar to the past few years; the early promotion for the show on Twitter got us excited about maybe a June premiere, but early July is a little bit more likely.

Now that we’ve said all of this, we do think that the network could keep their options open in regards to extending the season or changing up the schedule depending on the strike. Heck, we wouldn’t be surprised if they bring back the celebrity version for the fall if things last with the strike for an incredibly long period of time.

For now, though, we think the latest we would see Big Brother 25 around is the first week of October; the only time we’ve really seen it go much later was with the digital-only Big Brother: Over the Top, which is memorable mostly thanks to a small percentage of online fans.

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