Chicago PD season 10 episode 20: Upton removes wedding ring

Chicago PD season 10 artWe knew that tonight’s Chicago PD season 10 episode 20 had potential to shatter our hearts. Yet, we still didn’t anticipate that!

So what happened in the closing minutes of “Fight”? There is really one simple way to put it: We saw Hailey Upton remove her wedding ring. She may not be doing it for good, but she is in a spot now where she has to contemplate a future without Jay Halstead. He isn’t responding to her, let alone showing her a real sign that he wants to fight for this marriage. She understood at least in part why he needed to leave and find his moral compass again, but this? It’s different.

There still is no denying that this entire storyline has been hard to watch. We get the writers not wanting to kill Jay off, but it’s never felt right that he would be out of touch so much with a woman he loved. Now, we’re at a point where Voight is advising her to love herself first, even if that means making some heartbreaking choices.

We don’t 100% interpret the end as Upton and Halstead being for sure done; rather, it is a part of the process that she has to consider.

This entire story is hard for so many different reasons. We are rooting for Halstead and Upton to stay together, but can that really happen with Jesse Lee Soffer not on the show? How do the writers reconcile his actions? There’s still so much that doesn’t feel right, and there are only two episodes left to resolve it.

This is certainly a possible story that could be picked up moving into season 11 (which has already been renewed), but waiting that long could be tough. Just remember the writers’ strike for a moment here!

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What do you think is coming for Upton and Halstead on Chicago PD moving forward?

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