Survivor 44 episode 12 preview: The last before finale!

Survivor 44Next week on CBS you’re going to have a chance to see Survivor 44 episode 12 arrive — and yea, this one is enormous.

How much so? Well, we’re entering the episode with just six people still in the game, which means that just about everything in the game is about to change. Things are about to be epic, advantages are about to expire, and the game shifts big-time entering the finale. This is where you have to focus more than ever, and focus is pretty hard when you are tired, hungry, and feeling all of the feelings.

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Following the blindside of Danny from the game, Heidi was on her own island more than ever before — and basically, had every reason in the world to play her idol moving forward. Everyone else is in danger out there in the game.

Based on the preview for what’s coming up, Tika thinks that they are going to run the game … but is that really going to happen? Yam Yam claims that he wants to target Carolyn now, and she is suddenly a threat. After making that big show at Tribal Council, more eyes are going to be on her. While she didn’t need to play the idol in the end, the fact that she had it and kept it a secret for a long period of time is pretty darn impressive.

Of course, remember that there is plenty of time for her to find another idol. There may not be a lot of time left for them to be played, but we have a hard time thinking that this show, in its current, modern era, is not going to go out there and hide something else.

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Is there anything that you are most excited to see moving into Survivor 44 episode 12 on CBS next week?

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