Lucky Hank season 1 episode 8 (finale): Hank learns the secret

Lucky Hank season 1For most of Lucky Hank season 1, we saw the title character struggling to stay afloat in the midst of his search for answers. What were those answers — or, perhaps, what was the question? That is what the season 1 finale looked to resolve.

“I have everything.”

That was Hank the narrator’s answer, perhaps to the question about what was missing in his life. He spent most of season 1 watching his days tick away at Railton, perhaps wondering why his father didn’t love him or what it truly meant to garner respect. Then, one conversation illuminated the truth. His father’s big secret, the reason for his absence throughout much of his life, was conferences. That’s it. He was so desperate for approval that he was willing to fabricate stories and skip out on his family.

In lesser hands, perhaps the resolution of “love is the answer” could have been too schmaltzy for a show like this. Here, it wasn’t. Bob Odenkirk’s final monologue was the stuff of brilliance and as worthy of an Emmy nomination as anything in the actor’s career. Hank resigned from his post (though the letter was shredded) and reunited with Lily in New York. He took the leap that he was so scared of, whether it be insecurity or his fear of abandonment. He realized that he had love and wanted to embrace it. The cynicism started to slowly melt away.

Of course, Lucky Hank is still not a fairytale. There is always a chance that he could revert on this decision or some old demons could start to pop up. However, the joy in Lily’s face said a lot, as did Hank’s repeated proclamations that he was in New York (in the bathroom — another reminder that this show can be silly).

The season 2 setup

The possibilities are quite endless now, aren’t they? You can argue that this serves as a series finale, but we would be keen to explore more, as well. We know that Lucky Hank as a series is not for everyone, as the stakes are low and it took some time to dive into this character.

Yet, we’d argue that the payoff of the finale here is as good as any in all TV this year. Let’s just hope enough people stuck with it.

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