Survivor 44 episode 11: Who are the winner contenders left?

Survivor 44While we would say that Survivor 44 has been pretty fantastic as of this point, are there still some flaws? We would argue so, in particular when it comes to the editing.

We’ll be the first to admit here that it can be hard to put a season together with so many unique personalities, and also one where you want the winner to have a sort of “hero’s journey” from start to finish. Doing this is important, but you actually want several journeys. That way, there is a real unpredictability as to what is going to happen.

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Now, let’s get into how few genuine winner threats there seem to be … and how they are all on Tika. Frannie was probably the most dangerous person left outside of Carson, Carolyn, and Yam Yam, and she’s gone. We don’t imagine the remaining Soka members (Danny and Heidi) being much of a threat to win. Danny’s probably going to be voted out soon and despite having some advantages, we don’t think that Heidi has made the most effective moves. Meanwhile, Jaime’s gotten an edit full of delusions of grandeur dating back to her time on Ratu, and Lauren’s big storyline is an advantage she no longer has after Jaime played it.

So who are the threats?

In our mind, it’s Carolyn versus Yam Yam. We foresee someone from Tika being taken out soon, and signs point to Carson. He’s probably going to be blamed more for the Frannie vote than Yam Yam is by Carolyn, mostly because we’re not sure he has the same charisma to smooth things over. Carson’s also more of a puzzle threat.

We really want to see a Carolyn – Yam Yam showdown at the end of this season, as well. After all, we’re not sure who is going to win! (For now, we’re pulling for Carolyn.)

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Who do you think the big winner threats are as we prepare for Survivor 44 episode 11?

Go ahead and let us know below, and also keep coming back for some additional updates.

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