Survivor 44 episode 10: Frannie Marin voted out over Heidi

Survivor 44

We will start off this Survivor 44 episode 10 article by admitting this: For a good chunk of the hour, we were shouting at the TV. How could we not? Why did Frannie win that reward challenge?

We’ve said, time and time again, that these challenges are terrible to win since it creates so much anger among the people who don’t go. Also, being a challenge threat is never a good thing for other people to perceive. Frannie has proven herself to be good in every facet of the game, and she’s also got a huge cheerleader on the jury in Matt.

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Basically from the moment that reward happened, we were convinced that Frannie would be voted out tonight. That increased exponentially when Carson won the immunity necklace. She was vulnerable for the first time really since the merge, and everyone could strike at the opportunity.

However, there were some other plans that surfaced here. Take, for example, Heidi becoming a target after she spilled the beans about Danny potentially targeting Frannie and him already having the numbers. For some reason, rather than this telling Carolyn that Yam Yam and Carson were disloyal, this made her want to target Heidi instead! It was a risky plan, but she tried to rally numbers last-minute. This was the only real hope that Frannie had.

So what happened?

Carson described the situation as “pure pandemonium,” and we certainly do think that this was reflected in a certain degree at Tribal.

When the votes came out, we saw votes for Heidi, Frannie, and Danny — but Carson’s idea ultimately won out and Frannie was sent out the door. She was a great player and a lot of fun to watch, but she absolutely won a challenge that she absolutely did not need to win.

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