Survivor 44 episode 10 sneak peek: How will Jaime recover?

Survivor 44

As you prepare to see Survivor 44 episode 10 on CBS tomorrow night, this is a time for some big moves to be made, right? Every person now has to sit back and assess what is best for them, and also how to preserve some of the relationships that they have.

For Carson, this is a chance to really be aggressive — and also take advantage of the fact that Kane is not around to defend himself.

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In a new sneak peek for this upcoming episode (watch at the show’s official YouTube), you can see Carson blatantly lie to Jaime about why he voted the way that he did. His explanation was that Kane told her about her immunity idol and because of that, he did not know just how much he could really trust him moving forward.

However, as Carson explained to us in a confessional, he is really the person who was throwing out stuff about Jaime’s idol, which is 1) actually fake and 2) gone, as she had given it to Kane before Tribal Council in case of a Knowledge is Power.

So what does Jaime do from here?

She can come clean about giving Kane the idol and hope that this alleviates some suspicion. However, she could also try to find another idol. The big issue there is that there are two already in play thanks to Heidi and Carolyn. However, they have both done a good job of keeping them hidden. There is a chance that there may not be anything else out there, but when you play this game, you never know. Isn’t it almost always better to be aggressive? We certainly tend to think so.

The biggest thing that Jaime and Lauren may have going for them right now is simply that they are the only Ratu people left. All of a sudden, they are not much of a threat.

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Where do you think we will see things go over the course of Survivor 44 episode 10?

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