Is Tru Valentino leaving The Rookie? Did Aaron die in finale?

The Rookie season 5

Is Tru Valentino leaving The Rookie? Going into tonight’s season 5 finale, we understood any and all questions about Aaron’s future.

After all, let’s talk about the promo that showed the character in grave danger. We know that the show has a tendency to kill off characters, and finales are one of the times that you can create the most drama. Aaron hasn’t been around for as long as some other characters but even still, we do think that a TON of people out there would miss him dearly.

So is there any good news that we can share heading into the episode? Well, we suppose that the biggest thing is that there was no evidence ahead of time that Valentino would be departing the show. We had to view that as a reason for at least a small bit of hope. Also, The Rookie has killed off officers before and doing it at this point would almost feel a little bit too predictable. If you’re going to remove someone from the equation, shouldn’t it be a surprise?

Of course, what would be almost as bad as killing someone off is leaving us waiting to find out over the course of the entire summer. Plenty of shows love to do that…

So what happened tonight?

Well, we saw Aaron’s life-or-death situation play out in the earliest moments of the episode tonight — the good news was that a 9-1-1 call was placed while he was still alive. Also, Bailey was on the ambulance that went to rescue him.

Unfortunately, for a good while after the fact the character was in a coma. His condition wasn’t worsening, but he wasn’t getting better. Then, at the end of the finale, he was coding … and that was it. There is no specific news on his fate as of late.

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Entering tonight’s finale for The Rookie, did you think that Tru Valentino would be leaving the show?

Go ahead and let us know in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to also come back for some other updates down the road.

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