A Million Little Things season 5 episode 13 photo: Where is Gary?

A Million Little Things season 5

For those who have somehow missed the memo so far, A Million Little Things season 5 episode 13 is the series finale. It goes without saying, but this is going to be emotional.

With this being the final chapter of the story, we know that ABC and the show’s producers are going to keep as many mysteries as possible. That includes not exactly giving us a lot of information in the way of promotional photos from this particular installment.

So far, what we can say based on those images is simple: Everyone is trying to keep the future of Gary a secret. Oddly, there is just an image of his and Maggie’s apartment-room door, which does make us think that this is where a lot of the action is ultimately going to be when the dust actually settles. Ultimately, we wish there was some good news to go along with this.

At this point, it does feel like we are moving towards an inevitable moment with Gary’s death, and the writers / the network want to keep any images of his final moments from us for as long as they can. This is going to be a devastating thing to watch pending some unthinkable miracle, but here’s your reminder that Gary has already accepted it. The finale will most likely not be about some horrible death but rather, friends coming together to celebrate his life. This is the hope that will exist after the show.

Also, this is the hopeful message that the writers are most likely trying to send here. Gary had a wonderful group of people all around him. We can only hope that we have something similar in our own lives at the very end.

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What do you think is going to happen with Gary entering A Million Little Things season 5 episode 13?

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(Photo: ABC.)

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