Survivor 44 episode 9 preview: Another immunity idol hunt?

Survivor 44

Based on what we’ve seen in the latest Survivor 44 episode 9 promo, is there a chance that immunity idols could take center stage again?

Well, this is where we remind you that at this point, there are actually not that many of them in play — which is kind of funny, given that it felt like there were a million real / fake ones out there in the game not that long ago. As of right now, Carolyn is technically the only person with an idol and to her benefit, she hasn’t told a soul about it! Jaime thinks that she has one, but not so much — it’s a fake.

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Now with Danny’s idol officially gone, that is going to incentivize everyone scrambling and/or looking for something else. So who needs it the most? Technically everyone does, but Danny ironically has the greatest need right now. He’s already going to be thought of as a physical threat, and now that he’s successfully played an idol, the target on him is only going to expand. Plus, remember that the Carolyn / Yam Yam / Carson trio wants to try and ride the middle. They could flip back to the former Ratu at this point and work with them to get another Soka number out of the game.

Someone else who could use it? Lauren, who is already deemed a big threat because of her extra vote. She’s at a point in the game right now where she might as well lean into it and just accumulate more power. The longer she can hold on to that extra vote, after all, the more useful it is going to be.

This remains a pretty great cast and there’s potential for a number of other twists and turns ahead — let’s just hope the rest of the season lives up to the hype.

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Who do you think most needs an immunity idol as we prepare for Survivor 44 episode 9?

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