The Blacklist season 10 episode 9: Is Wujing at the Post Office?

The Blacklist season 10 art

For those who were not aware already, The Blacklist season 10 episode 9 is going to be one of the biggest we’ve seen all season. How do we know this? Well, it’s all thanks to some of the information that we’ve got courtesy of NBC.

While the official synopsis for the upcoming “The Troll Farmer” was a little bit vague, the same cannot be said for some of the promotional photos that are out there. Some of them, in fact, suggest that the Wujing story is about to spin off in some surprising directions.

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One promotional photo that we’ve seen for this episode features Chin Han’s character alongside at least one of the assassins that he hired recently at a bar. Where were they? Think the Post Office! This is where he could finally prove once and for all the existence of the immunity agreement and the relationship that Reddington has with the Task Force.

Now, is he going to find it? This is where we wonder if all of this is a trap. We do tend to think that, on some level, we’re going to be seeing a lot of drama if Reddington anticipated them coming to the FBI. Could he have set things up for them to be arrested? Has he sent them to a fake post office? Or, is his secret construction project we’ve been hearing about some sort of makeshift bunker for the team?

The truth here is that we’re not even at the halfway point in the season and just on the basis of that alone, it is 100% fair to think that some more twists and turns are coming. The big questions are tied just to what sort of twists those will be, and also whether or not we’re going to see Wujing around the rest of the season.

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What do you think we’re going to see from Wujing and Reddington moving into The Blacklist season 10 episode 9?

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