Which show needs to be renewed: Magnum PI, Virgin River, Big Sky? (POLL)

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We are closing in on the end of April, and for a number of TV shows out there, this is a pretty darn important time. Are they going to be renewed for additional seasons, and how long are the networks / streaming services going to keep them in limbo?

Today, we thought we would have a little bit of fun courtesy of a new poll, one that highlights some shows that certainly could use another season ordered in the new future. Every show is facing its own unique circumstances, so below, we’ve outlined what a lot of them are up against. Some of them could be renewed or canceled in the coming weeks; for others, we could have to wait a little while. Either way, this is a chance to have your voice heard on which show should come back! Note that this is only for fun, but you never know — positive results here could always get a network or streaming service’s attention down the road…

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Update: Since the creation of this poll, The Good Doctor has been renewed for another season.

Magnum PI – The fan base worked extremely hard to get this show a season 5, so why not keep things rolling when it comes to a season 6? We feel cautiously optimistic that there will be more, even if NBC does not need to rush a decision for the time being.

Yellowstone – Will we revisit the Dutton Ranch again? Sure, for at least six episodes. Beyond that, things get a little murky. We do feel confident about a spin-off, but does uncertainty over Kevin Costner’s future really have to limit the flagship show?

9-1-1 – While a season 7 renewal may be considered a foregone conclusion to many, it still has not happened as of yet. What’s going on with that? It is likely due to studio negotiations, as Fox the network does not have full ownership.

Alaska Daily – While it has a huge star in Hilary Swank and also plenty of audience enthusiasm, its ratings leave it firmly on the bubble. This could be a show on ABC that comes down to the wire.

Big Sky – We tend to think that the addition of Jensen Ackles did a lot for season 3 — is there a way to bring it back again for a season 4? We know that there are certainly more mysteries well-worth tackling in Montana, but it could dome down to DVR / streaming numbers.

The Good Doctor – Like with 9-1-1, this is one of those shows that should be renewed without too many issues. It also comes from an outside studio (in this case for ABC), so we tend to think most negotiations are due to cost.

SWAT – The Shemar Moore series is in the midst of complex negotiations with CBS and Sony, as there are a lot of budgetary issues to be worked out. We want to say we’re confident, but we saw what happened with CBS and Magnum PI in the past.

Walker – The Jared Padalecki drama absolutely have a great audience, and its uncertain future is due mostly to factors beyond its control — namely, Nexstar Media Group taking over The CW and revamping much of its programming.

Ted Lasso – The situation here is super-unique in that it really just comes down to whether Jason Sudeikis wants to make more. We’re sure that Apple TV+ would love another season, and most of the cast seems to be eager to return.

Virgin River – Season 6 feels like a foregone conclusion, but why not just go ahead and announce it? We know that the viewership should be there, and an early renewal would allow Netflix to keep the same production schedule.

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Which show do you want to see renewed?

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