Which canceled show should return: Warrior Nun, The Resident, & more! (POLL)

Bring It Back

This is a tough time of the year to be a TV fan — SO many shows are getting canceled. We’ve grown used to this happening over the past several years in April and May but, unfortunately, cancellations have become more of a year-round trend.

In some cases, we have an instance of a network / streaming service pulling the rug out from under us — think about what happened to Warrior Nun or The Resident. In other occasions, they renew a show, but effectively cancel it at the same time — think A League of Their Own. There are so many ways for a show to conclude and in the end, a lot of them are unsatisfying … especially when we want so much more.

With that in mind, we have a new poll for you to share your thoughts — which canceled show do you want to see back? We’ve singled out eight series that have already ended or are ending, much to our great frustration. You can vote however many times you like! Note that this is just for fun, but we hope that this could help get the attention of a network or streaming service that might be interested in saving the show…

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A League of Their Own – Are we glad that the Prime Video drama received a season 2? Sure, but having it only be four episodes is a massive disappointment — how can you tie up a story with so many great and meaningful characters so far? Couldn’t it at least get a full-length final season?

A Million Little Things – It’s in the midst of a beautiful final season, but don’t you feel like we could have lived in this world forever? When you think about the nature of its storytelling, easily we could have had another five years and been more than happy.

The Blacklist – Season 10 is the final season, and it’s true that we’ve known that for a while. Does it mean that we’re ready for it to end? While it’d be great to get some answers on Reddington, we’d also watch his further exploits for years on end.

Nancy Drew – Is four seasons really enough? The mystery drama feels like another unfortunate casualty of The CW’s new ownership. While there are some series like The Flash that are going away after a long run, it felt like there was so much more of the Drew Crew we could have seen.

NCIS: Los Angeles – Fourteen seasons is a great run — there is no denying that — but couldn’t this show have gone on forever? Unfortunately, a number of timeslot changes and an extremely difficult one as of late certainly made it feel like the writing was on the wall.

Outlander – Even though it is one of the longest-running premium-cable dramas out there, it’s okay to feel relatively bittersweet about the fact that it is not going to get to adapt every single book in Diana Gabaldon’s series. We wanted to make it to season 10!

The Resident – It’s true that the season 6 finale tied together a lot of loose ends, but it was clear the producers wanted to tell more stories — also, the cast seemed to enjoy working on it. Why did it have to be a casualty of Fox seemingly cutting costs — especially for a show it did not own?

Warrior Nun – This considered by far to be one of Netflix’s most-frustrating cancellations ever, especially when you consider both its global audience and also its extraordinary social-media following. Also, there was clearly so much more that could have been told.

Which show do you think is most worthy of another season?

Let us know in the comments! Also, keep coming back for some other updates on all things TV.

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