Yellowjackets season 2 episode 5 spoilers: ‘Two Truths and a Lie’

Yellowjackets season 2

Are you ready to see Yellowjackets season 2 episode 5 to arrive in a few days? This episode, titled “Two Truths and a Lie,” could be fantastic. There are so many different things to be excited and/or nervous about!

So where do we really start off here? The #1 thing that intrigues us the most is the opportunity to see more of Lauren Ambrose as Adult Van, who turned up at the end of episode 4. Clearly, Taissa thinks that being around her is going to help her figure out the truth behind her sudden sleepwalking. Is that going to be the case? It’s hard to tell, but often the best indicator of the future is, in fact, what happened in the past.

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Before we go any further, let’s go ahead and share the newly-released Yellowjackets season 2 episode 5 synopsis. We like to think it helps to set the overall stage:

Okay, Fellowjackets, rise and shine and don’t forget your booties because it’s coooold out there. Misty makes a leap of faith for her bestie, Natalie and Lottie play a game of surrender, Shauna finds herself unexpectedly randy, and Tai seeks out a movie recommendation.

The “movie recommendation” really just means that she’s at Van’s store looking to get answers. Meanwhile, what’s going on here with Misty and Natalie is going to be especially bonkers given that Misty has shown up at Lottie’s compound, not exactly aware of where things are going to be going or what has happened. If she is able to get Natalie out, the consequence could be also getting Lottie out amongst the world again! As you would imagine, there are some significant complications that come with that.

Does Lottie believe at this point that she is a force for good, working extremely hard for the sake of others? We tend to think so, but this does not mean that it is actually the case. There may still be some surprises lurking, especially with her starting to get the visions all over again.

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Is there anything that you most want to see as we move into Yellowjackets season 2 episode 5?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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