Yellowstone season 5: A small 6666 spin-off tease?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1

We know that so much of the future of Yellowstone season 5 has been wrapped lately in Kevin Costner talk, and we understand why. We all want to know whether or not the iconic actor will return, and it’s our hope that within the next month, the picture will start to become a little more clear.

After all, remember this: Once upon a time, there was at least some chatter that the cameras would get rolling for the remaining six episodes next month. This is after, originally, word was that filming would start in March. It’s clear already that the Paramount Network series is not going to meet its previously-planned return date this summer.

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What we actually do want to discuss more now is something a little bit different, but nonetheless exciting. Are things moving forward in regards to the 6666 spin-off show? It sure feels like it, but what’s odd is just how little is being said.

Here is some of what we could assume right now. At least part of the remainder of Yellowstone season 5 could be filmed at the Texas institution, which Taylor Sheridan has an ownership stake in as of this time. Meanwhile, the Matthew McConaughey casting news is likely tied in some way to all of this, given that he is a native Texan. An announcement on this, though, may not come until once the future of Yellowstone is set.

With all of this said, there is a contest happening at the upcoming country music festival Stagecoach where the winner will have a chance to be around the Four Sixes during filming for an upcoming Taylor Sheridan show. Could this be Yellowstone? Sure, but it could also be the spin-off! We do think it’s another reminder that there is big stuff coming at this ranch no matter what and personally, we think we’re getting the spin-off no matter what happens with the original series.

In the end, we’ll just have to wait and see how all of this pans out!

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