Yellowstone season 6: Is it renewed … and will it be?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1Is there going to be a Yellowstone season 6 on Paramount Network? We know that most of us are preoccupied thinking about the rest of season 5, but there have to be serious concerns over the long-term future, as well.

Let’s put the current situation at the Paramount Network in the most basic terms that we can. At the time of this writing, we feel at least reasonably hopeful that we are going to be seeing the remaining six episodes of season 5. We also are hopeful Kevin Costner will be a part of them. As for everything else … well, let’s just say that this is where the mystery lies right now.

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There is a lot to think about when it comes to a potential season 6, and admittedly, Costner is really just the first piece of the puzzle. There is also the question of whether the network will really want to keep this show going in favor of a spin-off or off-shoot, especially if Kevin is not involved. Spinning off the show enables them to move the streaming rights for a new program exclusively over to Paramount+ — the flagship Yellowstone is on Peacock, and that is not ideal for what it is that they want.

Also, of course there is the issue of budget, getting the full cast together, and what the story will be if it is not at the Dutton Ranch.

When will all of this be decided?

We do think that the powers-that-be are probably thinking all of this over, but we would be shocked if an announcement came before season 5 gets back to work. We don’t think there is any real reason to rush anything; instead, prepare for most of the parties involved to take this one step at a time … and it’s hard to argue against that decision.

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What do you think the chances are at the moment that there will be a Yellowstone season 6 at Paramount Network?

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