The Blacklist season 10 episode 8: The Bo Chang interrogation

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As you prepare for The Blacklist season 10 episode 8 on NBC this weekend, what is there to be excited about from start to finish?

Well, let’s start with the fact that Bo Chang a.k.a. the Troll Farmer is going to be back on the show for the first time in seven seasons, and it feels fair to say that he is carrying with him quite a grudge.

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So what capacity are we going to see him in during the episode? Let’s just say that once again, he will find himself in handcuffs due to the folks over at the FBI.

In a new sneak peek that you can see over at Syfy Wire, Chang is interrogated by Dembe and Ressler over something that Wujing wants. Within this, Chang argues with them that he has zero incentive to help, given that he has been nothing but backstabbed and betrayed. He reminds them (and many viewers at home) that back at the start of season 3, he helped to get Reddington and Liz out of Washington when they were being hunted down in a large-scale search. How was he repaid for this? Well, he was turned over to the FBI, a gift from Reddington for them looking the other way.

The Troll Farmer clearly knows a lot about Reddington’s FBI ties now, and this Sunday won’t be the only chance to see him front and center. After this weekend, you will then see “The Troll Farmer, Part 3” the week after. Clearly, there is a LOT of big story to tell here with this character. He wants revenge, but we know that initially, he resisted some of Wujing’s advances to join the cause. Is that going to be changing within the relatively near future? That at least seems possible right now…

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What do you want to see with the return of the Troll Farmer on The Blacklist season 10 episode 8?

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