The Blacklist season 10: What is Reddington building?

The Blacklist season 10 art

As we get ourselves prepared for The Blacklist season 10 this weekend on NBC, why not share a few more theories? To be specific, the big topic that is front of mind right now has to do with a mysterious construction project, and there isn’t all that much that can be said about this at the moment.

Here is what we know: James Spader’s character is trying to find a covert location that is somewhat off the grid and hard to find. He’s also kept his inner circle really tight. He seems to be couch-surfacing more so than staying in one single place.

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So what is going on here? When the dust settles, it feels like you can say that much of it is tied to safety … but whose safety? Allow us to dive further into a theory for a moment.

As we do map out further within the video above, one of the things that Reddington is trying to do right now is work in order to ensure that either himself, the Task Force, or even Agnes are protected. He realizes that the more Blacklisters figure out about his time with the FBI, the more trouble it could bring. This could be a replacement Post Office, a security bunker, or something to operate the next phase of his empire. Who knows? It could be a makeshift prison for some people he captures.

No matter what this building turns out to be, we do think the story is operating on a bait-and-switch level right now. We’re seeing all of these big stories happen in the present with new and returning adversaries when in reality, some of the most exciting stuff may be happening behind the scenes. It’s possible, perhaps, that this is what we really should be focused on, and we hope that at some point, there are some more answers coming.

What do you think that Reddington is building on The Blacklist season 10?

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(Photo: NBC.)

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