Snowfall season 6 episode 10 (series finale): Preparing for spin-off?

Snowfall season 6

As many of you know at this point, next week is going to bring you Snowfall season 6 episode 10, otherwise known as the series finale. This is an emotional, decisive episode, one that is going to bring a lot of different twists and turns from start to finish.

We know entering this that there is a good chance that multiple characters could die, just as there is also a good chance that we could see a few devastating moments in general. This has never been a show all about delivering a happy ending; instead, it is about telling a story that feels true to what happened so many years in the past.

So in the midst of telling the story of Franklin Saint, is there any chance at all that we’re also going to see the setup for something else? This is a pretty interesting thing to consider, mostly because there are clearly so many other stories that could in theory be told. We know that a potential one could revolve around Wanda, at least based on some reports that are out there at this given moment in time. Our hope is that we’ll get confirmation about this before too long.

With this being said, though, you will probably be disappointed if you enter this episode with some sort of expectation that there will be some other sort of big, dramatic spin-off reveal. What you see in the series finale is all about this story; if Wanda survives, the show can pick that up after the fact.

When could a potential spin-off air?

At the moment, our hope is that it could be released in late 2024 or early 2025, but the most important thing is that FX doesn’t rush anything along. The legacy of this show is important and profound — it will satisfy people for however long it takes … provided it even happens.

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What do you most want to see moving into Snowfall season 6 episode 10?

How do you think that this is going to set the stage for the spin-off? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Also, come back around for some other updates.

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