Big Brother Canada 11: Who was evicted, Hope or Jonathan?

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Who was evicted on tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode? We know that Jonathan and Hope were on the block thanks to Head of Household Ty. This set up one of the most interesting back-and-forth decisions that we’ve seen here in a while.

We’ve known for a good while that Jonathan and Hope were close in this game and with that, they wouldn’t throw each other under the bus that much. This really just came down to how some of the other players would vote — especially their alliance of The Crown with Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel. Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia were sure to vote together, and it looked like they were going to be interested in evicting Hope.

Or, that’s at least what we saw entering the episode, with The Crown plus Santina looking to evict Jonathan. This has been a crazy week, though, so anything could still happen.

Based on what we saw on the show tonight, it felt like keeping Jonathan was a safer option in that his loyalties were pretty clear. However, Hope was obviously more of a physical threat and they’d just seen what he could do in the last endurance. Some of the decision may have actually been based on who the next target would be — Jonathan was a better choice to after Ty, whereas Hope would be better to get rid of Claudia, Shanaya, and Renee.

So who was evicted?

Jonathan and in the end, this was a pretty tight vote. This really was about Santina, who was the swing vote and she opted to go along with the voting members of The Crown. This was a hard choice, and it’s honestly not one we’re going to be able to predict in terms of where it goes. Hope may be grateful, and he could win more down the road. If that happens, this makes sense.

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