Big Brother Canada 11 interview: Dan Szabo on eviction, jury

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Last week on Big Brother Canada 11 we saw Dan Szabo become the first member of the jury, and it came about during Whodunnit Week. What does that mean? The Head of Household (Santina) was a mystery to the players, and this did end up causing chaos in the game.

Unfortunately, none of this chaos benefited Dan, who failed to get a single vote on the block alongside Claudia. He faced an uphill battle the moment that Ty was pulled off, and there just wasn’t anything he could say in his campaign to get people on his side.

In our Big Brother Canada 11 exit interview today we had a chance to speak with Dan about some of what happened. Remember that because he is the first member of the jury, he cannot know anything that would impact the integrity of the game.

Matt & Jess – Who do you blame the most for your eviction at this point?

Dan – Well I’m definitely blaming the invisible HoH but since I don’t know who that is … where would I like to put the blame? I think I’ll put a little bit on Zach. If Zach were in the game, there would be a lot less of a target on my back. Zach leaving is probably the reason I was on the block.

Why do you think you weren’t able to get the votes?

Being up next to CC (Claudia) is a tough spot for anyone in the house. The fact that CC and I had the same alliances in [Shanaya] and Ty, and they had to decide what’s best for them. If I can’t get the votes of the people I’m closest to, I’m fighting an uphill battle. It was really difficult being up there with CC.

Who do you think is most running the house right now and why?

I think Kuzie is running the house. She did very well in her HoH week, and I don’t think a lot of people are even looking at her as a target right now. She got away with it scot-free, she’s really smart, and she’s got a good alliance with Anika and Daniel.

What did you expect going into the season, and how did being in the game differ from that?

I didn’t understand how much of a social game Big Brother Canada was. I knew being social was a part of it, but I didn’t understand the extent to which the social game was important. I quickly learned that I am not the best socially with this game specifically, and it was really hard to navigate all of that.

When the Veto was used and Claudia was nominated, did you think you had a chance to stay?

I did not think I had much of a chance. I thought there was maybe a glimmer of hope … I tried my best, but I knew when I saw CC’s name up there that it was going to be very difficult.

Is there any move you wish you would have made during your campaign?

In hindsight, I think maybe pushing a little hard to convince people I was ready to turn on Ty and backstab him so I could align with them. I don’t know if I actually would have done it, but maybe being more convincing in that part of my pitch — maybe I could have done that a little better.

Finally, are you happy to be on the jury and to have a say at the end of the season?

I am extremely happy that I made it to jury. That was a part of my BBCAN bucket list, to at least make it to jury. Of course, I wanted to win, but being here, I’m really excited to be a factor in deciding who gets to win the game.

Outro – Thanks so much Dan!

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