Big Brother Canada 11 spoilers: Safety, nominations, & Veto

Big Brother Canada season 11 logoWe were expecting a pretty gargantuan Big Brother Canada 11 live-feed update this morning, and for good reason. Just think about all of the content we would need to get through! We expected to not only learn who won safety, but also the official nominations and then the Power of Veto results at the same time.

It goes without saying, but yea, there are going to be spoilers within.

Safety – When Ty won Head of Household, we learned from some past Dailies that his plan was to nominate the likes of Renee and Santina, with the latter being the target. Was he able to do that at the end of the day? Yes! Certain people in the house are annoyed, but shocker! They can’t do anything about it at the end of the day.

Nominations – The plan changed slightly for Ty, who nominated Hope and then still Renee. This gave some hope to the Crown alliance (Anika, Kuzie, Jonathan, Hope, and Daniel) that they would be able to stick together through the week.

Power of Veto – Well, this is where things start to go a little haywire. Shanaya won the necklace, which means that she will want to save Renee. She’s already indicated as much! However, Ty has hilariously claimed that he’ll nominate his own showmance in Claudia if that happens … things are going to get absolutely messy.

The reality

We think in the end, it’s more likely that Jonathan goes up and The Crown squares off against each other. We’d love to see Ty end up sending out his own showmance for comedy, but remember that this guy has threatened things before and not followed through. It is easy to imagine something similar happening here.

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What do you think is going to happen from here as we move into Big Brother Canada 11 this coming week?

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